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About BWY

Yoga is breath into body with awareness witnessing the moment to moment happenings.

Yoga develops body awareness thru this witnessing faculty.

Our body awareness builds a body intelligence that teaches and shows us the way in our yoga.

Body intelligence is constantly guiding and positioning us towards our center.

Supporting center our breath and awareness can move with pleasurethru the body.

Breath is the link that connects our awareness to our physical being And vice-versa.

Breath and body intelligence eventually get good at guiding body awareness into areas of tension, weakness, or injury.

Supporting center, our breath united with body intelligence develops the art of release, which allows tensions to dissipate or be transferred through our center as strength.

Freedom and healing is found when body intelligence learns to support weak or pained area in every asana.

There are an infinite number of bio-mechanical, emotional, and stress related reasons for our tension.

Yoga works to simply feel the energy bound within our tension then to release it and move it as a fluid strength thru our center.

Energetic awareness is created and sustained when our breath moves thru our body with awareness witnessing and relating to the moment to moment happenings.