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Brian Campbell Bodywork & Yoga

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“…Brian was Head Teacher of Anatomy & Deep-Tissue Massage at the Shiatsu Massage School of California from 2004-1014. He has trained over a 1000 people in Hands-on Bodywork nationally and internationally and has been in practice on the west side of Los Angeles since 2001.”

My training is to recognize in a person’s body where forces are pulling tissues too short creating compression or where tissues are over-stretched, tight, and weak.

My passion is to help get people out of pain and to feel more at-home in their body.

I use and teach Myo-Fascial Release and Structural Deep-Tissue Massage to open the layers of restriction in areas that are pulled tight. This can be due to old injuries and scar tissue, adhesions, or a lifetime of compensating forces from being slightly off-balanced.

For tissues that are over-stretched and tight, I bring fresh blood to these areas by releasing local adhesions and moving the tissues directionally back to where they belong. Then I prescribe Focused Yoga Exercises that will strengthen the weaker muscles training them how to keep the areas worked during Bodywork open.

Opening the breath and relaxing the nervous system are integral to structural bodywork and getting out of pain. Emotional Tension has sufficient power to affect our posture and can be the underpinning of much of our physical tension.

I use Cranio-Sacral work in combination with Structural Bodywork to address both the Emotional and Bio-Mechanical patterns of tension in the dural system, musculo-connective tissue system, bones, and respiratory-circulatory systems.

My goal is to help make people’s body a more comfortable and balanced place, so they are pain-free and empowered to do and experience more with their life.

Pain patterns seen
When I look at my clients, I immediately get a physical sense inside of my body, how their body feels. Once I have their feeling inside of me, I can discern various pathways out of pain. This is an empathic skill I have had since childhood, but greatly enhanced through ‘seeing energy’ exercises with my yoga teacher Ana Forrest and through years of Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation training with my bodywork mentor Dr. Vincent Medici.

Hands feel and see deeper underlying tensions
Much of the time our sites of nagging tension in the body have deeper roots lying beneath our general awareness. I call this superficial and root tension. For example, a person comes to see me with chronic tensions in the shoulders and back of neck. Often times the root tension is internalized emotions which has caused the front of the body to collapse in upon itself. In the case of neck and shoulders, the culprit is often Pectoralis minor in the upper chest, and the Scalenes in the neck.

Breath guides hands inside
Breath is our greatest tool for releasing old tensions and bringing awareness into new areas of our body. As I work, I am following, guiding, and being guided by every breath of my client. This is a participatory bodywork. Simply put, I press into my clients body and meet their edge of tension. Then they breathe awareness into that tissue, and we both use our exhale to sink in creating space.

We feel new places
As clients develop the skill of opening at their edge of tension, they come to a new awareness within their body. Parts of the body that were previously numb or dissociated come back into feeling. Mind makes deeper acquaintance with disparate parts of the body.

We release old scars and tensions
Our bodies are held together by connective tissue running everywhere in the body. Old injuries and later compensations, habituated movements, and our posture, are shaping our body’s structure daily. This bodywork releases adhesions and old scars from within the connective tissue.

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Liberating the energy stuck in chronic holding.
If you were to make a fist with your hand and hold as tight as you can, you would feel very quickly how much energy that takes and how quickly it drains you. Our chronic tensions are doing the same thing, only just below the radar of our awareness. The body adjusts over time to ignore our areas of pain, until they get too big not to notice. Releasing muscles that are holding chronic tensions also releases the energy that was formerly engaged in sustaining that level of tension. Once released that formerly bound energy is free to move in the body.

New body feeling.
It is common for clients to stand up after a session and feel like they are in a different body. Many have structural shifts, where their center of balance has shifted back onto their heels.

Root tensions diminished, superficial tensions disappear.
Much of the bodywork is done on deeper structural muscles like psoas, piriformis, rectus femoris, scalenes, diaphragm, and pectoralis minor. As structural muscles lengthen, the tensions in superficial muscles disappear.

Body feeling light.
Mind and body aware of energy moving.