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Mentorship Programs

Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program    2015

February 5, 6, 7, 8th & June 18, 19, 20, 21st

Los Angeles, CA

Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program available only to graduates of the Forrest Yoga Foundational Teacher Training Program

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What is the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program?

This is a continuing education program accredited by Yoga Alliance, that is designed to support you as a Forrest Yoga Teacher and further your skills in all aspects of Forrest Yoga including: teaching, hands-on assisting, “seeing”, sequencing. working one-on-one, working with groups, & self-promotion.  

Each day of the Workshops begins with Yoga Intensive, Chanting, and Calling in of the Directions. And in each workshop you will have writing processes, hands-on assisting clinics, FY Sequencing & “Seeing” training, and teaching with feedback.

Why do the FY Mentorship Program with me? 

 I came to Forrest Yoga in 2002, as a Bodyworker on a referral from my mentor Dr. Vincent Medici. He told me Ana Forrest had honed a form of Yoga that was healing on Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Levels simultaneously. I took one class at her studio in Santa Monica, felt something resonate inside, and enrolled in her 8-week Foundational Teacher Training that was starting the next week! This experience shook my core and changed my life, empowered my Bodywork and everything I believed possible about hands-on work, and gave me super strong tools to hone my own skill as an Structural Healer. Starting one month after I finished that training I began teaching Forrest Yoga. I have continued to teach Forrest Yoga classes every week since that day over 13 years ago.

I am also a teacher of Anatomy, Deep-Tissue Bodywork, and Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation having taught classes at the Shiatsu Massage School of California from 2004-2014. I have trained many students in Hands-on Anatomy and Bodywork, and by far, the best Bodyworkers I have trained all come from a Forrest Yoga background!

Ana Forrest asked me to be a Guardian teacher in 2007 and to make a Life-Pledge of support to the Hoop of the Teachers. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this modern “Mystery School” of Healing and Transformation.


What is the difference between the quarterly FYMP and the 2-part condensed  FYMP?       

They are the exact same, with the exception of an introductory Bridge Call that happens 2 weeks prior to the first workshops in the 2-part condensed program.

Why are you offering a 2-part program?

I have taught the 2-part condensed program 3 times already. Once in Germany,  once in England, and once in L.A. I have taught 3 local quarterly rounds of workshops here in Los Angeles. Both the quarterly program and the 2 part program work great. 90% of the people who enroll in my program in Los Angeles are from out of town. It is my hope to ease the travel costs and make the program more available by condensing it.

How do I register and by when?

Email to let me know you are interested.
Fill out Registration Form and email it back to me at 

Pre-Registration is required by February 4th.


Cost of the program is $1350 paid in full by February 5th, or 3 installments of $470 each.

Payment plan option available with $470 non refundable deposit.

Graduates repeating the FYMP, fee is reduced to $850.