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Strengthen, Tone, and Relieve Pain – Select one for FREE

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Strengthen, Tone, and Relieve Pain

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Strengthen, Tone, and Relieve Pain – Select one for FREE

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mid back pain
Open all of the large muscle groups of the upper back so they pulsate with heat and vitality to relieve pain and minimize the risk of injury.

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Mid Back Focused Yoga Video

Boost circulation and the tone the fine muscle mechanics of your hands, wrists and elbows.

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Wrist Focused Yoga Video

Strengthen the side stabilizers of your feet and ankles, while helping to create suppleness in your footfall.

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Foot and Ankle Focused Yoga Video

femal having neckache
Improve rotation, loosen connective tissues and leave your neck feeling relaxed and pain free.

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Neck Focused Yoga Video

Warning: Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone and this or any exercise program may result in injury. Consult with your doctor before embarking on this or any other exercise program. The instruction and advice presented herein are in no way intended to be a substitute for medical counseling. Never force or strain, use the program only as intended and demonstrated, and FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. The creators, performers, producers, and distributors of this program disclaim any liability for any loss, damage, or injury in connection with any use of this program or the instructions and/or advice expressed herein.