Free Wrist Pain Relief Introduction


Hands of Fire


Mutants into X-Men


Seeing and Touching the Context of Life


Moving Chi through your Joints


YogaBodyworker Brian Campbell talks about teaching students to heal their hands, wrists, and joints by using simple stretching techniques. Get out of pain and into the joy of life! 


A description about learning to see Anatomy in people's posture & movement, about seeing how emotion and the stress of living lives in tissues, and how when we touch someone we are touching much more than just a tight muscle. 


My Bodywork mentor Dr. Vincent Medici used to tell me he was training X-men. To me, he is Professor Xavier turning us "mutants" into X-men. These days, I have teamed up with fellow X-men Jambo Dragon Truong and created 5 & 10 Day Trainings in the Arts of Hand's-on MyoFascial Bodywork, Forrest Yoga, "Seeing" Anatomy Skills, Empathic Training, & Ceremony.


Brian Campbell describes how to position our body and perspective in Yoga and Bodywork to amplify our ability to move and sense Chi flow instead of muscular effort. Next Training: Portland, OR July 19-28, 2017


Work with Brian Directly

Brian travels the world teaching students how to heal themselves, so they can heal others around them. With each workshop you have access to more online content, videos that will guide you deeper, and hands on work that is only fully appreciated by being in one of these amazing workshops in person. Every day you go just a little deeper, the videos become a valuable at home resource and reminder of wealth of information you just absorbed. 

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