A Journey to Heal.


Brian is known as the “Yoga Teacher with Healing Hands.” His passion is to teach people how to use Bodywork and Yoga to relieve pain.

Brian is a Bodyworker, a Forrest Yoga Guardian Teacher, and a hands-on teacher of Anatomy and Myo-Fascial Release Massage, a father of two, a passionate gardener and a lover of music. He has 17 years experience doing Pain-specific Structural Massage and 15 years teaching Forrest Yoga in Los Angeles.

Brian’s magic is built upon a synergy of Forrest Yoga & Myo-Fascial Bodywork. His mission is to teach people worldwide how to use their hands to help relieve pain in others. 

Brian was a Head Teacher at the Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica from 2006-2014, teaching Anatomy & Physiology, Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation, Deep-Tissue Massage, and Advanced Myo-Fascial Anatomy & Treatment Courses.

Brian trained under the tutelage of Bodywork Master Dr. Vincent Medici from 2001-2009 and considers this time the foundation of his approach to working with pain. It was Dr. Medici’s original vision for Brian to combine Bodywork with Yoga when he advised him to do a Teacher Training with Ana Forrest back in 2002. Since that training Brian has been teaching Forrest Yoga and evolving his understanding of bio-mechanics, breath, and personal responsibilities in healing every week since.

In 2007, Ana Forrest asked Brian to become a Level 5 “Guardian Teacher”. As a Guardian, he has committed to Mentoring new Teachers and to carrying on the Forrest Yoga Legacy of Healing to future generations. 

In 2013, Brian was hospitalized with “Valley Fever” (coccydiomycosis) which took him 12 months to fully recuperate. During this time he learned how to work through his own body with arthritic and degenerative joint conditions. Now his Forrest Yoga & Bodywork classes are specifically informed and geared towards working with pain and injuries. 

Brian’s most current project is the YogaBodyworkers Training, co-taught with fellow Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong. These 10-Day courses are designed for life-development, enhancing breath, bio-mechanics, and our relationship to touch through the mediums of Ceremony, Forrest Yoga, & MyoFascial Caress. This course is taught world-wide to people from all backgrounds who want to learn how to help others by learning how to treat themselves exceptionally well.