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Yoga Bodyworkers: 10 Day Course Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Jakarta Indonesia (map)

10 Day of Personal Development for Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science, and Yoga. 

AIM Yoga and co working with Bliss Wellness is proud to announce that we are bringing in Brian Campbell & Jambo together for the 10days training in Jakarta ️

YogaBodyworkers: 10 Days of Self Improvement Training through Ceremony, Science, & Healing

Experience the magic of working with two of Europe & North America’s leading teacher’s in combined Yoga & Hand’s-on MyoFascial Relwase Bodywork for 10 days. 

This training is for people who want to learn how to heal themselves so they can learn how to help heal others. This training will affect you in a Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual way. It is designed to honor the healing and training these parts of ourselves need. 

You will be trained to understand Anatomy and see the body in a whole new way. You will learn to see how the relationships of muscular/fascial patterns shape the Physical body and how it moves, how Emotions get stuck in our body and how the nervous system responds, the difference between someone in “thinking mode versus feeling mode,” and every day feel in your own body how Ceremony affects you on a physiological, emotional, & spiritual level. 

Over the 10-Days, these are some of what you will do:

•10 Days of Chanting in Ceremony – Singing & Dancing!

•10 Days of 2.5 hour Yoga Class with 2 Senior Guardian Forrest Yoga Teachers

•Training in MyoFascial Release Bodywork for Scar Tissue, Injuries, Muscular & Joint Pain

•Anatomy Training in seeing relationships of Muscle Patterns to common postural & joint dysfunctions

•Learn to work one-on-one with a student

•Work deeply on your physical injuries, emotional or spiritual blocks

•Learn to feel within, feel on another, stretch, strengthen, release, and see the relationships between the body’s 16 most important Structural Muscles

•Bond deeply with a like-minded community of healers

For more info please contact-

@blisswellness (Chris) 

@aimyoga(Nick & Chester)

Workshop will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia