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Yoga Bodyworkers: 5 Day Course Washington D.C., USA

  • Washington D.C. United States of America (map)

Join Forrest Yoga Guardians Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell for this 5 Day Yoga Bodyworkers Training. In this training, you’ll learn assessment techniques are easily understood for practitioners from any tradition of Bodywork or Yoga. No previous training in Yoga or Bodywork needed to participate!

This course is taught through the lens of Yoga. Every morning we will “feel” our day’s subject in a 2.5 hour Forrest Yoga class. The afternoon sessions are designed to give you effective skills in:

•Working with injuries
•Seeing & understanding Anatomical Relationships
•Myofascial Bodywork, Muscle Testing, & Muscle Activation Techniques
•Giving & receiving Bodywork
•Seeing & running energy

Use these assessment techniques to create your own method of translating prescriptive bodywork that is effective to relieve pain, compression, and hyper-mobility. This program will enable you to confidently create Beauty Bodywork sequences that are intuitive, from the heart, and re-assuring to your learning processes!

This training will cover completely new material outside of the 10-Day Yoga Bodyworkers Training! Some things to look forward to in this training: Everything you EVER need to know about Reflexology, Muscles of inhalation & exhalation- bodywork to improve all stages of breathing, Cranial Skills Part 1, Knee Injuries.

Personal Investment: $1000