Wrist Pain Relief Introduction

YogaBodyworker Brian Campbell talks about teaching students to heal their hands, wrists, and joints by using simple stretching techniques. Get out of pain and into the joy of life! 


Shoulder Pain Introduction

Brian Campbell will go in depth to talk about how we live with shoulder pain everyday and what ways we can eliminate this pain. With simple stretches and easy relaxation techniques you can relieve your pain and step into joy.


Mid-Back Pain Introduction

Mid-back pain can be caused by a multitude of everyday traumas but also from carring a new born child, work realated injury usually while twisting, or even the position in which you sleep. 


Lower Back Pain Introduction

Discussing the obvious and less obvious reasons we might have lower back pain, compression, swaying, or picking up something heavy. He believes the keys to get out of pain is using focused yoga exercises to strengthen the area to support the lower back and to open up the area that stress can get stuck in.


Foot & Ankle Pain Introduction



Throughout these videos Brian goes through a series of focused yoga exercises designed to give pain relief. By strengthening, stretching and relaxing the muscles in your targeted stress related area, you are able to create prolonged comfort. You are also able to prevent further injury in your area that causes pain as well as the surrounding areas also. Each video gives 4-5 different exercises that are designed to go in  a specific order to strengthen targeted muscles and release stress.  Repeat each series once a day for 30 days to maximize resluts. You should start feeling pain relief after the first set of exercises. 


Work with Brian Directly

Brian travels the world teaching students how to heal themselves, so they can heal others around them. With each workshop you have access to more online content, videos that will guide you deeper, and hands on work that is only fully appreciated by being in one of these amazing workshops in person. Every day you go just a little deeper, the videos become a valuable at home resource and reminder of wealth of information you just absorbed. 

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