Forrest Yoga and Ceremony

90 Minutes foR $30/class

Personal Development for Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science & Yoga

Brian teaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm when he is in town. Go to the schedule at the bottom to see when he will be in town. 

Brian is the only Forrest Yoga Guardian teacher in Souther California, and one of the few in the World, hand picked by Ana Forrest to carry on the legacy of Forrest Yoga. When in town, He enjoys offering these intimate, small group classes in the Campbell Home Studio. He is a master teacher and a delight to learn from. If the stars align, come and take his class! 

Szilvia Guided Trainings

4 Class BUndle for 4 weeks $60

Beginner and Mixed Levels

Yoga, meditation, ceremony, and special classes every couple months.


The beginners series is for everyBODY!  This is the perfect class for you if you are a complete beginner, dealing with injuries, as well as if you are someone who has 'some' yoga experience. You will come out of these series with more understanding on how interconnected your body is, gaining a more holistic view and understanding on the healing process. This is a slower paced class, covering the basic and therapeutic moves of Forrest Yoga. Honestly, all you need is a willingness to come along and a commitment to the practice ! The series format helps you to stick to the commitment of a health routine! 

Mixed Level

Are you ready to go deeper? To soar higher? If you already have some foundation in Forrest Yoga, you got the motivation to evolve, this class is for you ! Szilvia is an enthusiastic ‘cheerleader’ teacher who believes in you and wishes to bring out the gift within you through her small group (or private), life transforming yoga ‘coaching’ sessions. If you have yoga experience but have not trained in Forrest Yoga please email Szilvia to find out if these classes are a right fit for you! 


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