YogaBodyworkers Trainings


Training Overview

As Yoga Bodyworkers, we deliver the science behind the anatomy through the medium  of short lectures and muscle testing, but a large section of the training focuses on developing intuitive touch. Brian’s & Jambo’s coaching method is very much focused on the individual, so that we can guide the whole group with theory and practicals but also give personal guidance depending on where each individual is at in their development as a Yoga Bodyworker, we have found that this method of coaching enables us to encourage more of an individual’s gifts to come through.

We believe that ‘You Are Only One Millimetre Away From A Miracle’ – and by refining your intuitive touch, you will be feel confident to develop journeys that are safe to walk with you and your students and clients.

Jambo likes to teach the location and action of movement patterns and often teaches muscle tests to compliment learning. He also uses these testing methods to enable practitioners to experience and understand dysfunctional movement patterns and how we overcompensate and then how to overcome those habits.

Part 1  Earth & Water – Getting Grounded & Getting Fluid

A 10 day, 80 hour training in Anatomy and Bodywork that applies to Yoga. We teach a combination of muscle activation, myo-fascial bodywork, and yoga training that is pain-specific and leads to improved functional movement. Our course is a multi-disciplined approach teaching students to see and work holistically with body/mind/spirit through the mediums of Yoga & Bodywork Therapies.

Daily Format begins with 2.5 hour Forrest Yoga Morning Intensive followed by 5.5 hour Afternoon Yoga Bodyworkers Training = 80 Hours

A Hands-on Study of:

The 12 major Structural Muscles

  • How these 12 muscles affect everything in the body.
  • How to use Yoga & Bodywork to balance them

The Musculo-Fascial-Skeletal System

  • Connective Tissue and the migrational pathways of tension in relation to: injury & pain, postural type, and emotional charge

Structural Assessment & Seeing Skills Training

  • MyoFascial Meridians – seeing body-wide relationships of tension transmission
  • Wholistic/3-D Anatomy vs. Mechanistic/ Linear Anatomy

Feeling Skills Training

  • Feeling within our web – Fascial Sensing & Muscle Reading

Bodywork Training

  • MyoFascial Release, Muscle Activation, Hands-on Assisting in Yoga Asana

Yoga – Daily Forrest Yoga Intensive

  • Whole training is taught in ways that apply to Yoga