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YogaBodyworkers Study Group ~ Building Community through Touch: Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles 90034 USA (map)

YogaBodyworkers Study Groups are short crash courses designed to be fun, build anatomy knowledge, increase our skills in Hand’s on Touch through Bodywork, and strengthen community.

The classes are short and sweet. About 60 minutes of Yoga to warm up, feel, and isolate in stretch and strengthening the key muscles of the day’s focus. Afterwards is a short enticing Anatomy Lecture with Bodywork demonstrations followed by partner work of giving and receiving.

Both days we will focus on how to use Breath to access, open, and increase more functional movement patterns in the body.

Saturday - The Front of the Body - Neck, Chest, Ribcage, Abdomen

Sunday - The Back of the Body - Low Back, Mid-Back, Shoulders


The Campbell Comfort Zone - Home Studio Los Angeles

*Limited Space - email to register