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Pure Yoga ~ YogaBodyworkers Workshop: Hong Kong

  • Pure Yoga Peninsular Office Hong Kong (map)

Pure Yoga Peninsular Office - Hong Kong - July 26-28, 2019

YogaBodyworkers: Helping the Office-Worker Body Type with Bodywork & Forrest Yoga

Most students practicing Yoga have real-world jobs that keep them sitting in chairs for most of the day. The physical and mental stress from working in an office creates many symptoms that can be addressed with Bodywork and a specifically targeted Yoga practice. This workshop will teach you effective ways to use Hand’s on MyoFascial Release Bodywork techniques and Forrest Yoga to relieve the numerous complaints and ailments of the Officer-worker. 

YogaBodyworkers: Relieving Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain with Bodywork & Forrest Yoga

Pain in the bottom of the foot is a common syndrome that effects both young and old. Nothing in the body exists in isolation and though the pain may be in the bottom foot there are many forces throughout the body that compound this issue. This workshop is dedicated to understanding the many types of forces that contribute to plantar fascia pain and how to use effective Hand’s on MyoFascial Release Bodywork techniques and Forrest Yoga asana principles to address this recurrent problem.

YogaBodyworkers: Releasing Neck Tension in Asana and Savasana

The neck is a portal into relaxation for the entire body. It is also one of the areas that holds the most tension. Neck tightness inhibits the body’s ability to fully let go and loosen up both mentally and physically. This workshop will teach you how to give and receive the best Savasana hands-on assist ever. You will also learn several methods of working with the neck in Yoga Asana and acquire skills in using Therapeutic touch techniques from the modalities MyoFascial Release and CranioSacral bodywork.

YogaBodyworkers: Balancing the Hip Flexors with Bodywork & Forrest Yoga

Tight Hip Flexors are one of the most common tension zones in Yoga students. Chronically tensed hip flexors often lead to other issues such as low back pain, weak abdominals, overstretched hamstrings, even neck and shoulder issues. This workshop is committed to balancing the hip flexors through Hands-on MyoFascial Release Bodywork and subtle but crucial movements derived from Forrest Yoga Asana.

YogaBodyworkers: Increase the Potency of your Touch - Healing Touch Techniques for Yoga Therapists & Bodyworkers

Our hands communicate in a language beyond words. They can relay Trust, Healing, Pleasure, Aggression, Fear, Nervousness… This class is about developing the skill of Sensing with our hands and refining how we use our body, our heart and our intention when we touch others. This class will help your hands become very clear and powerful with the intention they communicate during hand’s on work as a Yoga Teacher, a Parent, a Lover, a Friend, or as a Therapeutic Practitioner. You will be learning Asana Hand’s on Assists and Bodywork Touch Techniques with a partner. You can come by yourself and be partnered up during the class.

YogaBodyworkers: Hands on Bodywork to Relax the Nervous System

Our body is designed to heal quicker when we reduce our stress levels and regularly access quality states of relaxation. This class is about using our hands to help generate these relaxed states in another person so that deeper levels of healing can be accessed. We will learn about areas within the body containing nerve fibers that when touched in a certain way will stimulate a tranquility response throughout. The class goal is that awareness of these zones and the simplicity of the technique will become big tools for bringing more peacefulness into our lives and others.